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Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, world’s leading networking, communications and cloud solutions provider

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What Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise does

We create new and better ways of working together, empowering people to communicate and collaborate more effectively. All our solutions are tailored for the needs of individual organisations – whatever their size – secure by design and with limited environmental impact.

Our vision


Time is the most valuable currency we all share and treasure. With this in mind we developed Rainbow – respecting your time management requirements and answering business needs with solutions which integrate with nearly all ecosystems.


Quality, reliability and security are our three main pillars.
The security, integrity and sovereignty of your data as well as the flexibility of deployment – from public to private offers – are of utmost importance to us. Our award-winning solutions are recognized by the market thanks to cutting edge technology and official certifications.


With customer experience and well-being at the core of our concerns, we develop Rainbow with an objective to give everyone access to the same level of services.

With that in mind, we are committed to delivering the best possible experience to our Rainbow users, with inclusivity and accessibility.

The Rainbow team is actively ramping up on accessibility via concrete actions such as a training program to increase our teams awareness and an audit of the Rainbow ecosystem to get some guidance on how to improve Rainbow experience for all their users.

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