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Aaron Lee is the Regional Manager of APAC at Agorapulse, a social media management platform. He leads the sales and support team for the APAC team.

The future of Collaboration with AI

Some of my favourite scenes from the film Iron Man are the ones that showcase the relationship Tony Stark has with Jarvis. Jarvis is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that has unlimited access to and control of resources, devices and programs. Jarvis uses his own will to aid Tony with whatever he needs in the movie. Jarvis does all sort of things, from talking about the weather and answering the door to advising Tony in battles. It’s really cool!

While Jarvis is fictional, we are lucky enough to live in a world today that’s not far off from the one portrayed in Iron Man—where people and machines are working together more than ever.

Artificial intelligence has advanced in leaps and bounds such that investments from venture […]

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What’s the best way of getting this to you? A look at file-sharing

“Hey Aaron, can you forward me the attachment for Project X again? I’ve misplaced it,” my colleague asked me the other day.

“Project X? Sure, let me check and get that to you as soon as I can,” I answered.

Yup! I regretted that response.

Searching my email was a PAIN. Not only do I have thousands of emails and attachments in my inbox, but I had to go through individual emails which referred to the title “Project X” to make sure I had the correct, finalized attachment. It took 20 minutes of my precious time.

That may not sound like a lot, but multiply that by several times a week and I probably spent a good hour or so just searching through my archives.

Working online means we […]

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How to organize the best meeting ever

A lawyer, a doctor and a manager walk into a bar…

I’m kidding. The manager can’t be there because it turns out that some managers spend a whopping 30%-60% of their time in meetings. That leaves them with little time to manage other matters, or make that trip to the bar.

Imagine how much time would be saved if those meetings were conducted more efficiently. Studies reveal that most meetings are indeed costly and unproductive, yet essential to the decision-making process if they’re conducted properly.

Clearly, we need a better way to manage meetings. But how do you manage or organize the best meetings ever if you work in a remote team? Read on and you’ll get a sense of what it […]

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