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Joanne Jacobs is an award-winning digital strategist and company director, and she is co-Director (with Gavin Heaton) of Disruptor's Handbook, a firm that facilitates incubation of innovation from a marketing perspective. She is on the Board of Code Club Australia, as well as the NSW Government Digital Advisory Panel, she is on a number of other industry advisory boards, and she is an active mentor of startups. She formerly ran the Australian office of 1000heads, a word of mouth marketing firm. In her career, Joanne has worked in London where she ran a social media production house, and she was a consultant in social networking technologies, as well as a professional speaker, business coach, trainer and strategist for digital marketing practices. Joanne also has a long history in academia, lecturing extensively in strategic use of information technology and strategic internet marketing. She was co-editor with Axel Bruns of the book, Uses of Blogs (2006).

APIs and Collaboration

Connectivity between systems naturally produces economic efficiencies. When you can tap into data from a range of different platforms and generate new insights, you create opportunities to improve productivity and convenience for business and customers alike.

For most businesses pursuing an innovation agenda, such efficiencies can be realised through the use of APIs, or application program interfaces, that enable calls to and from a data source without compromising the underlying system holding that data. As a method of communication, an API can be used to provide value for users who are less interested in a data archive, and more interested in context-specific information. It is a mechanism that can protect both the end user and the data custodian.

Let’s take a look at the many potential […]

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