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Karima-Catherine is the founder and general manager of Red Dot Digital, which she launched in 2014 with the aim of bringing greater efficiency and diversity to the world of digital and social media. She brings 16 years of international integrated marketing, campaign and project management experience to the firm. Before Red Dot, she managed digital and social media for Deloitte Canada and directed social media for Ford.

From Silos to a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion

I have a theory that communication and collaboration tools can reduce unconscious bias and increase inclusion in the workplace.

Twenty-plus years ago, before the internet was democratized and made available to everyone, we used to meet face-to-face or experience long delays in getting a response to our ideas. I have been working long enough to remember a time when I used to actually send faxes or courier floppy disks, and when email was nothing close to instantaneous. In that same time frame, most workplaces didn’t feature much diversity across questions of gender, ethnicity and more.

Fast forward to today, where the landscape is totally different. We all expect instant communication with people all over the world. In the broadest sense, social media and the […]

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Collaboration in the new era of business practices

Unified communications and collaboration (UCC) has changed the way I think about business. There’s no other way to say it. Because of how digital platforms have evolved over the past 20 years, we are all able to work smarter. UCC has made it possible to handle work-related communications anytime, anywhere, and gave us tons of new efficiencies. Through unified communications and collaboration, we can eliminate silos. We can build new relationships and networks better than ever before.

The impact of UCC is felt to varying degrees in every industry. Every office or team has to use communications and collaboration tools to some extent.

We’ve come a long way since people logged into America Online (AOL) and entered chatrooms just for fun. What started as an entertaining new […]

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How many tools do we use to communicate?

Managing a team is easier today than ever before thanks to the availability of communication tools. Communicating with our teams and our senior leadership is faster and more streamlined.

However, now every people manager has to juggle multiple methods of contact. Too many, maybe. This raises the question: How many communication applications do you think you use over the course of any given day?

If you want to talk with someone immediately, you’ll pick up the phone. Maybe you’ll leave a voicemail if they don’t answer.

What happens if you need to speak with that person urgently? You might decide to send an SMS text. You pick your mobile phone, tap out a text message, and send it off. The only problem is that there’s no guarantee […]

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