Communications viewed by an HR professional

Regardless of where and how you work, effective communication and collaboration is an important part of how things get done in your organization. When it works, you waste less time; you and your team are more productive. When it doesn’t, it’s harder to do quality work and achieve your goals as an employee. Read on for some ideas about things to consider in your workplace communication and collaboration!

Professional communication can be a challenge in any environment.

Standards you may feel are fine, may feel too informal to your colleagues. Additionally, we’re using an ever-growing body of collaboration tools—text messaging, video chats, emails, social media—to keep in touch with people near and far. When teams include members of different backgrounds, customs, experiences, geographic locations and languages, […]

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Workplace collaboration takes on new challenges with freelancers in the mix

Bill Joy famously said, “whoever you are, most of the smartest people work for someone else.” It’s a saying that nicely encapsulates the thinking around talent management today as we see things such as open innovation and crowdsourcing platforms jostle with the gig economy to provide a thriving marketplace for skills and talent. How do you work with this interesting pool of talents? Let’s find out!

Recent estimates suggest that around 80-90% of large organizations are using such platforms to access the talent they need, and it makes a lot of sense to do so. You’re fishing in a global pool of the best talent that you only have to bring in on an as-needed basis.

It does require a slightly different approach to managing your teams, […]

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How to organize the best meeting ever

A lawyer, a doctor and a manager walk into a bar…

I’m kidding. The manager can’t be there because it turns out that some managers spend a whopping 30%-60% of their time in meetings. That leaves them with little time to manage other matters, or make that trip to the bar.

Imagine how much time would be saved if those meetings were conducted more efficiently. Studies reveal that most meetings are indeed costly and unproductive, yet essential to the decision-making process if they’re conducted properly.

Clearly, we need a better way to manage meetings. But how do you manage or organize the best meetings ever if you work in a remote team? Read on and you’ll get a sense of what it […]

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