Voyage to the depths of hell … by remote working!

How to ruin remote working and end up in hell

In a previous article, we found the best way to successfully switch to remote working heaven, but we need to remain vigilant as there are some potential traps. If we are not careful (or just plain negligent), we risk getting caught and falling into a spiral of remote working hell.

“Hell exists! I’ve been there!” It’s not something you often hear about remote working. Indeed, it’s hard to find negative voices among either managers or employees when it comes to their remote working experience.

For employees, the satisfaction rate for remote working is over 95%. According to a survey by AfterCollege, 68 percent of millennial job seekers consider that working […]

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24 hours without my mobile phone … how will I survive?

Last night, I came home late. And this morning, a bit fuzzy and still quite tired, I forgot my cell phone. I thought I would not survive without it. And then, finally back at the office, I found my bearings thanks to … my landline.

I am in charge of communications for a digital strategy consultancy which employs 70 people. As you can imagine, the days begin early and often end late. Last night after a dinner with partners I got home after midnight, exhausted after a busy day.

6:45 – I leave home. I take advantage of the early morning to avoid the rush hour traffic. My first appointment of the day is at 8:00 a.m. downtown. I have an appointment with a person I […]

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In the jungle, the mighty jungle, of multi-channel communications

How to negotiate the multi-channel communication jungle and better serve your B2B clients

Despite the explosion in the number of communication platforms and tools, it is not always easy to maintain a good link between customers and staff. Just because we have numerous communication tools does not mean that we are communicating more any more effectively. So how can we maximize the chances of connecting with our target and maintaining a long-lasting relationship? Instead of throwing yourself headlong into the jungle of unnecessary communication channels, use your instincts to create an effective omnichannel paradise.

“Tell me what tools you use and I’ll tell you who you are”. While that formula seemed relevant ten years ago, today it is much harder to work out the connected profile of […]

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