Rainbow Telephony for Microsoft Teams

A complete telephony services with a new set of features including bidirectional synchronization

Get to know availability status with bidirectional presence synchronization

Rainbow Telephony for Microsoft Teams has been designed to improve your ways of communicating inside and outside of your company, without having to change anything of the infrastructure you are working on. As a matter of fact, the power of Rainbow Telephony for Microsoft Teams relies on the fact that it can adapt to any device making it an efficient tool to unify communications.

But what is meant by bidirectional presence synchronization?

It means that both you and your potential interlocutors can have access to each other’s availability status right away regardless of the communication mechanisms in use. Why is this a requirement? Because we know users do not rely completely on telephony or Microsoft Teams for their communication services, it made sense for us to link both technologies to allow users to know peoples’ availabilities no matter the communication solution or devices they are using.

A man using Rainbow Telephony for Microsoft Teams

For example, when using a multimedia device (Either your smartphone, laptop, or tablet) you can now get an overview of your interlocutor availability status and upcoming availabilities with next appointments & calls. In addition, if they are currently using a PBX connected device for telephony, you will be updated on your digital tools. In the same way, the presence synchronization will show if you are available, occupied or on a call, and it will prevent unexpected calls or videoconferences from other people on any of your devices connected with Rainbow. The Rainbow Telephony connector is more than a simple direct router however, it allows the routing of phone calls, presenting the audio on to any of your communication devices. Through this synchronization, you and your network can take control of your call management and choose the device and method of communication.

Woman taking notes aside from using the rainbow telephony for microsoft teams

Be seen and see other people availabilities

Partial remote work is now the new “normal”. Many people working away from their office environment have experienced challenges regarding their colleagues or customers’ availability. Having to work from home or in a co-working space is definitely not the same as working at the office. For instance, when working from the office it is easier to see and guess who is around and available. Whether it is for small talk, getting quick info or a call, it is always easier to check directly who is there to reply to our request. To put it in a nutshell, by using your personal computer or smartphone, you can replicate that in-office proximity by linking Rainbow Telephony to your Microsoft Teams account. You and your colleagues can see and share your availability for that quick chat or more involved discussion. This means, regardless of where you are and regardless of the device, you will never miss a call you want to take!

Woman with a headset  taking notes aside from using the connector Rainbow Telephony for Microsoft Teams

A responsive connector going beyond distances

With our Rainbow connector, elements are displayed and organized in a user-friendly and visually appealing manner, in an intuitive and powerful interface! For instance, Rainbow’s team developed the app to allow users to search people by tags. It can be very useful if a user is looking to talk to someone in a specific field. In an international enterprise, it is not possible to know everybody who works for the company – in fact, that’s why we came up with the search by tags. In other words, if a user is looking for someone working in France, in the marketing division and who’s able to speak English, the user can just type “France, marketing, English” in the search bar. Simple as that! Rainbow will then allow the user to see who the people are associated with these tags and then it will be up to the user to decide who is the person he/she should talk to. This simple search by tags can be very helpful especially when people from one company are working all around the world. It is even more difficult to get to know people’s availability regarding the time zone they live in. With our Rainbow connector, it is easier to communicate and reach people, avoiding untimely moments.

To wrap up this article, Rainbow Telephony for Microsoft Teams connector is a great tool for connecting people and ensures the convergence of your different communication means. It seamlessly integrates the PBX connected world with the UC world, preventing unexpected calls from other digital environments and offers greater routing services for incoming calls. Whether it’s your teams, partners or customers, they can all benefit from Rainbow Telephony. Overall, our solution offers greater experience of telephony to people from your network, helps save time and help people going beyond small problems linked with unmatching availabilities. To know more about our Rainbow Telephony for Microsoft Teams connector and its features click on the following link.

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