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360° communication leveraging Rainbow cloud telephony & collaboration


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It’s never been as easy to efficiently work from anywhere you want to, be it the office, at home, or on the road. And because you should be able to clearly delineate when you are at work, instead of mixing your private and professional life, take control of your availability and which phone numbers you want to share.


From changing your welcome message to advertise new products, over updating your calendar to organise an open day to creating an account for an internship – all this is made possible by using a simple web administration interface. Stay in control of your communications and on top of day-to-day business anywhere.


Because your communications matter, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, with its long history in telecommunications, leverages what is its DNA to build smart technologies, design simple and efficient processes and employ highly skilled and passionate people to deliver a reliable, secure and truly sovereign service.

Main features

Discover the power of Rainbow

Rainbow is all about connecting people, objects and processes. It’s a service delivered from the cloud, always improving, to deliver the best of both the telephony and the collaboration world. Our mission is to create the ultimate workspace. We will help you successfully trainsition to digital age communications while keeping your requirements and needs our top priority.

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Enterprise telephony features at your fingertips

Group calls, call supervision, interactive voice response, customised messages and calendars for working hours, attendant console – everything you need to manage your calls is readily available from the cloud, easily manageable from a web admin interface.



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Rainbow cloud telephony natively supports video communication. Be it peer-to-peer or conference calls, take advantage of the value that video communication provides. It’s the benefit of non-verbal information, posture, attitude and gesture that is invaluable for successfully conducting business.

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Routing presets

Each user may configure routines and have Rainbow manage calls on all devices when these are active. One example would be that all calls are routed to your assistant when your presence is set to “Away”.

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Rainbow helps you bring everyone together

Employees, customers and suppliers are all part of your eco-system, so why not bring them together and invite them to join a Rainbow bubble (a group collaboration and/or web conference) and talk, chat, share documents or run audio/video conferences. This makes your interactions much more productive and interactive.


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Because both calls and messages have high business value, we pay specific attention to providing you with valuable insights presented in an intuitive dashboard with real-time reports on your consumption and activity. Everything is easily accessible at the click of a button.



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Welcome messages

Customize welcome messages for incoming calls during business hours, route incoming calls outside of business hours to a predefined destination, set automated messages on holidays, and much more.

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