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The Rainbow CPaaS model provides customized collaboration solutions for any industry

Be it education, government, healthcare or any other industry, each organisation faces its own set of challenges when it comes to optimising business processes. Discover how Rainbow by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise can help you rise to these challenges.

Open-source architecture

The Rainbow openess enables co-creation at all levels:

  • Build solutions with and for anyone – from one-man shows to huge solution vendors
  • Invent industry-specific solutions leveraging Rainbow CPaaS
  • Integrate with business processes and ecosystems using workflows
  • Co-develop state-of-the-art solutions together with technology partners


Emergency notification system for healthcare providers

Rainbow Alert replaces expensive pager systems with a modern and mobile solution. Using a smartphone you can notify individual staff members or a group using persistent emergency messaging requiring confirmation of receipt. In addition to messages, you may include  pictures as well. The messages require immediate action by the receivers. Rainbow Alert is thus particularly suited for emergency situations in the healthcare industry. To round it off, Rainbow is HDS and HIPAA certified, making it an especially fitting solution for healthcare providers.


Public and governmental organisations are usually marked by the highest demanding security RFPs.
To comply with both local and global security standards and requirements of any organisation, Rainbow is secure by design. Since it is developed and deployed by a French company, Rainbow is also Cloud Act, Patriot Act and FISA independent.

Rainbow services can be run from specific data centers leveraing Rainbow Edge – a standalone applicative infrastructure – deployed in either partner or customer hosted data centers.

Security for industries

Rainbow by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solutions are certified by various institutions and secure by design – ensuring security, integrity and sovereignty of user data.

Some of the acquired Rainbow security certifications include:

  • ISO27001 & SOC
  • GDPR


A collaborative online learning experience

Rainbow Classroom by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise delivers a virtual classroom system which can seamlessly integrate with your existing Learning Management System (LMS), delivering both asynchronous and real-time collaboration and communication capabilities. It provides you with everything you need in a virtual classroom – tailored to your exact requirements. In order to access the platform you need nothing but a web browser and an internet connection.

Technology partnerships

With cream-of-the-crop technology partners we leverage Rainbow capabilities to answer specific communication and collaboration challenges

Explore how Rainbow coupled with tech expertise can revolutionise enterprises

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