Rainbow Telephony for MS Teams helps companies foster innovation and accelerate digital transformation

Discover how Rainbow Telephony revolutionizes the way your company connects, collaborates, and evolves in today's dynamic business landscape.

It is essential for businesses to embrace digital transformation and be innovative to stay competitive on the market. Rainbow Telephony for Microsoft Teams is a great solution to support a company’s smart and intuitive digitalization journey.

With our seamless cloud-based solution for MS Teams, we improve the way businesses can communicate and collaborate, and enable them to achieve cost savings, optimize productivity, innovate, and uncover new possibilities. Let’s discover how Rainbow Telephony for Microsoft Teams can facilitate and make your digital transformation accelerate towards a successful future.

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Get the most out of your infrastructure while reducing costs with Rainbow Telephony for MS Teams

Shifting to the cloud is undoubtedly a better way to store data and to centralize management, collaboration, and communication tools for all users. While it may seem easy, many individuals associate the idea of transitioning to the Cloud with the potential loss of their existing infrastructure. However, our solution allows you the flexibility of leveraging your existing infrastructure, but without having to pay costly fees for maintenance, security, and upgrades.

Keep your work environment safe through our secure services (Certified internationally and nationally) and SSO authentication. Our users describe it as a smart, secure, and intuitive communication and collaboration platform, which enables their businesses to innovate without the burden of additional spending. With Rainbow Telephony experience the advantages of cost savings, productivity, and enhanced security while progressing in your digital transition.

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Improving your work environment without disruption

At Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise we know how seamless integration and maintaining a familiar work environment is crucial. With Rainbow Telephony for MS Teams, you can enhance your communications capabilities without causing any interruptions or major modifications, simply expanding your digital ecosystem.

With our integration, users can leverage their existing tools and workflows while enjoying enriched communication and collaboration capacities offered by our Rainbow Telephony add-in. Our connector allows you to connect your existing PBX to your unified collaboration platform and make the most out of your mobile and fixed line communications. Users keep one business number to reach and to be reached, through their choice of any of their connected devices.

Users can now get rid of the fear of having their work environment transformed and of having to learn how to manipulate new tools. With  our integration, it’s possible to improve teamwork, streamline call management and elevate productivity— all with your existing work ecosystem.

Transition gracefully to the Cloud and discover all of its benefits

Gradually transitioning to Cloud solutions will not only allow users to improve their communication and collaboration tools, but it will also expand your capabilities in terms of work management. While integrating our connector Rainbow Telephony for Microsoft Teams, companies will experience scalability, flexibility, and enhanced accessibility for all users. In an era where we are working remotely and/or traveling more and more, we need to fit in to new ways of working and try to make the employee experience and workforce mobility the most pleasant and accessible to all collaborators. All this means that all users, wherever they may be, will enjoy the same work environment and access it seamlessly through a single internet connection. On the other hand, companies will also be able to rapidly optimize their work environment in function of their growth and how their activities fluctuate.

The change is yours to control, and you decide to transition at your own pace. Rainbow Telephony empowers businesses to transition smoothly to the Cloud, letting their needs be customized and fitted to reach the full potential of a digital evolution while maximizing productivity and work management.

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Moving to the Cloud prepares your business for the future!

Our teams of researchers are already imagining what is going to be the future of work, future practices and technologies which will emerge during the following years. Our solutions are continuously evolving and adapting to new business practices. Imagine a future with more AI features, where IoT and advanced analytics optimize decision-making and where virtual reality redefines collaboration and communication.

At Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise as we envision a future of innovation, optimization, and continuous growth, we are already building the platform to deliver these capabilities and the ability to take you there. With Rainbow, brace yourself for the future and get ready to embrace digital evolution with us.

A connector for business of all sizes

After experiencing the impact of Covid-19, businesses started adopting Microsoft Teams regardless of their full requirements. With our connector Rainbow Telephony for Microsoft Teams, our goal is to help you unify all your means of communications, including your existing PBX through Microsoft Teams. We designed our connector to meet your needs and requirements without changing your habits, enhance and optimize your Microsoft Teams experience.

Enjoy the benefit of a centralized communication and collaboration platform with Rainbow Telephony!

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