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Digital transformation journey made easy

Are you undergoing digital transformation and in need of assistance on your journey ? We can help you define the necessary resources, identify the right steps and successfully conclude your digital transformation journey.

A service to support you on your
digital transformation journey

We know that choosing a company for a piece of missing technology always carries a risk, even more so when this technology impacts your employees or agents daily work routine.

We want you to be successful, make you the ‘hero of the story’, and reward you for taking a leap of faith with us by removing the risk factor.

The Digital Transformation Success (DTS) service by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise complements a traditional project management approach by leveraging change management best practices. While project management focuses on the technical aspect of things, DTS ensures that projects are accepted, adopted, and ultimately used by users affected by this change.

Benefits for the company

Increasing the likelihood of project success

Managing resistance to change

Helping your organization to transition from its current state to a predetermined future state

The methodology

To overcome digital transformation challenges, we have developed a proven methodology to drive and execute a successful and rapid digital transformation journey, enable quick adoption and ensure smooth collaboration between teams and colleagues leveraging our technology. Our partners are living this methodology as well as using associated tools to help you reach your destination.

From connecting people to connecting processes

Whatever your starting point and your familiarity with technology, we will walk you through the different stages of your transformation journey. From ‘Digitization’ to ‘Digitalization’… from connecting people to connecting processes.

Offer description

We have designed our Digital Transformation Success framework with simplicity and user-friendliness in mind –  helping you get ready to take your first step towards transformation.

The ALE digital transformation framework consists of four phases with well-defined milestones you can rely on to ensure you are on track with your digital transformation journey.

Each of the four phases include activities and deliverables to document and monitor your progress along the way:



  • Understand the client’s business and business objectives,
  • Define value objectives,
  • Specify performance indicators.



  • Define and execute the technical setup process
  • Define and execute the communication plan
  • Define and execute the training plan



  • Monitor usages trends
  • Capture feedback
  • Periodic reviews



  • Evaluate and adjust
  • Assess value and document
  • Expand

The customer success manager is the single point of contact to assist and guide you through your digital transformation journey. Whatever the challenge, s/he will find the right resource to help you overcome it, always keeping the best possible customer experience in mind.

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Take the first step

The digital transformation journey is a long adventure. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise delivers Digital Transformation Services to accompany your through this journey and Professional Services for an end-to-end accompaniment to this transformation to increase new technologies efficiency and profitability.

End-to-End accompaniment for ALE solutions

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