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Social Media Crisis Communications

Ann Marie van den Hurk, APR, is an award winning PRSA-accredited public relations counselor specializing in digital communications and principal of Mind The Gap Public Relations. She is a nationally distributed business columnist and author of Social Media Crisis Communications: Preparing for, Preventing, and Surviving a Public Relations #FAIL. Born in the Republic of Ireland, raised and educated in the United States, and lived in Europe, van den Hurk blends American and European sensibilities into the practice of public relations, allowing for a unique global perspective.

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blog-pageheader-1200x299 To Out-of-Office Reply or Not to Out-of-Office Reply

Desk is cleared off. Mug is washed and dried. Email inbox is at zero. You’re going to be away from the office for a conference or holidays for a few days. You’ll need a way to communicate that you are unavailable.

blog-pageheader-1200x299 Spanning the seas to keep your teams rowing in the same direction

While this is not an age-old question, it is a common modern question asked daily in the global workplace where collaboration takes place over multiple time zones and cultures.

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