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Since 2005, Fadhila BRAHIMI has been supporting brands (business and personal) in developing digital skills and managing their visibility and reputation on social media. Co-author of the book ""Moi 2.0"" at the Edt. Leduc (2011), and a contributor to numerous books on social media, she is regularly invited to debates, conferences (4 TEDx) or radio on the themes of identity and brand image as well as reputation, Awareness and leadership of individuals, teams and organizations on the Internet. Nominated for the ""LinkedIN Europeans Awards 2010"" in the category ""leader"" for introducing Personal Branding in France, she has been in the ""Guide des experts - 300 women to change the debate on gender"" since 2013 and in the list of 30 Women who count in the digital ""They have succeeded in the digital"" to the editions Kawa. For more information, visit

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