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Human Resources Consultant

Victorio Milian is a Human Resources consultant, writer, and speaker living in the best place on Earth–New York City! He has spent his 15+ year HR career in the fashion retail, restaurant, and non-profit industries. His thoughts on workplace matters has been quoted in digital and other publications, such as Mashable and The Village Voice. It's his ongoing mission to help organizations build systems that value people for who they are, along with what they can do.

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blog-pageheader-1200x299 Who’s the new guy? Helping new employees quickly fit in

Has this ever happened to you? A company spends time, energy and resources securing a suitable candidate for a position.

blog-pageheader-1200x299 Communications viewed by an HR professional

Regardless of where and how you work, effective communication and collaboration is an important part of how things get done in your organization. When it works, you waste less time; you and your team are more productive.

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