A unique development platform CPaaS for your projects

Rainbow is also a CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) offering unlimited customization capabilities with numerous APIs opened to all developers. Rainbow cloud services can be integrated into a website (for example, a customer portal to reach sales or support teams), or integrated into a mobile application to provide direct contact with your end-customers.

Rainbow CPaaS has a complete development framework:

  • Discover our dedicated website https://hub.openrainbow.com
  • Find information you mean about all APIs available
  • Benefit from the software development kit (SDK) for web plus libraries for building applications on different desktop and mobile platforms
  • Get support from our development experts team: support@openrainbow.com

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Rainbow CPaaS provides an opportunity to easily build custom applications or business processes to meet contextual communication needs from your customers.

See the examples in various sectors of how Rainbow CPaaS improves the overall customer experience.