Starting your Rainbow journey

Rainbow is a cloud-based communication platform facilitating digital transformation for our customers. In addition, Rainbow can be connected to an Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise or third-party PBX to leverage the existing telephony functionalities. This is also possible with a cloud PBX. On this website you will find instructions and useful links to Rainbow – from the initial setup to advanced use.

Quick Start Guide (Desktop & Web)

A brief overview of the most important functions of Rainbow for your Windows PC and the web application.

Quick Start Guide (iOS)

A brief overview of the main features of Rainbow for your iOS devices – iPhone and iPad.

Quick Start Guide (Android)

A brief overview of the main features of Rainbow for your Android devices – mobile and tablet.

Logo of the Rainbow Help Centre

Rainbow Centro de ayuda

The Rainbow Help Centre offers a wide range of Rainbow-related support instructions and guides.

Logo of the Rainbow Service Status page

Rainbow Estado

Here you can check the worldwide status of the Rainbow servers at any time.

The official Rainbow for developers portal logo

For Developers

Developers can access the entire Rainbow documentation free of charge here.

Rainbow at a glance

Audio and video conferencing

Screen sharing and remote control

File exchange and personal storage

Guest access without account or installation

Telephony system connectivity

3rd-party system connectors

Priority-based task management

Webinars and virtual classrooms

Rainbow video guides

Every company faces challenges, but especially when introducing new communication systems, it quickly becomes difficult or even scary because many processes are touched at once. One has to consider different aspects before making a decision. That is why it is important to provide a central point of contact for self-help. On this page you will learn about Rainbow in all its facets and become a Rainbow professional in just 30 minutes thanks to the step-by-step explanatory videos.

Video guides for the Rainbow Web & Desktop Versions

Discover Rainbow as a desktop or web application through a series of professionally produced explainer videos. We guide you through the entire Rainbow journey – from account creation to bubbles to real-time collaboration.

Video guides for the Rainbow Android Version

Here you will find a selected collection of high-quality explanatory videos on how to use Rainbow for your Android mobile device. If you are already familiar with the desktop and web application, using Rainbow for Android is a breeze. If you want to expand your knowledge of Rainbow, the videos are here for you.

Video guides for the Rainbow iOS Version

To make sure that our series of explanatory videos is really complete, you will also find the matching Rainbow iOS videos for iPhone and iPad here. We hope you have fun on your discovery tour and look forward to your feedback.

Your feedback is important to us.
You can influence Rainbow in under 2 minutes

Rainbow is constantly evolving and getting better every day. To ensure that Rainbow meets your needs and high standards, we conduct surveys at regular intervals. This gives you the opportunity to share your feedback directly with the development team. In just 2 minutes, you can help shape Rainbow.


Which CRM or ITSM applications are supported in Rainbow?

Rainbow supports MS Dynamics, Salesforce, Service Now, ZOHO and Zendesk. For the full scope of features, see Rainbow Hybrid or Rainbow Hub features list in the table ‘CRM-ITSM integration’.

Is there a Google integration with Rainbow?

We offer Google integration free of charge starting with the Business subscription onwards. In Rainbow Hybrid and Rainbow Hub features list, you will find all relevant information in the table ‘Google integration’.

Is there a Microsoft Teams integration with Rainbow?

We offer the Teams integration free of charge starting with the Business subscription onwards. You will find all the necessary information on the dedicated Microsoft Teams connector subpage.

What licences and services can I purchase in the Rainbow ecosystem?

In the Rainbow Hybrid or Rainbow Hub features list, you will find all information about the subscription model under ‘Rainbow plans‘.

Can I use Rainbow without installation?

Yes, you can use Rainbow without installing any additional software. You can use the Rainbow Web version, which has been developed for all common web browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge, or Safari.

Can I connect Rainbow Hybrid with a third-party PBX?

We support Avaya, Mitel, NEC and Cisco and can offer up to 600 extensions according to third-party PBX hardware and software specifications. Find out more here.

Do guests need to create a Rainbow account?

No, you can easily invite internal or external guests to a Rainbow web conference (Bubble) without them having to create a Rainbow account. Only a first and last name are requested when joining a Bubble to avoid confusion later in the conversation. The guest account is irrevocably deleted after 24 hours if the respective user does not create an account.