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Turn your telephony system into a hybrid PBX

Retain existing communication investments by adding a hybrid cloud communications and collaboration layer on top of it with Rainbow. Modernise the way you communicate.

Choose hybrid cloud communications to retain prior investments
without the usual disruption

Leverage existing telephony investment

maintain your current telephony system and upgrade it with the collaboration power of Rainbow

Unique number portability

enabling complete employee mobility and a 360° access to collaboration services

Advanced integration

to both ALE and third-party PBXs.

Optimize business processes.

A truly hybrid PBX approach.

Cloud-based communications is undeniably the most flexible and accessible model for an enterprise to attain when starting a unified communications journey. To support you in this transition, we offer you flexibility in the form of three deployments models: public, private and hybrid.

Hybrid is a healthy mix of the best of both worlds – public and private.

With the hybrid PBX approach you benefit from unlimited scalability, low cost (public model benefits) and top-notch security, while retaining full control over your ecosystem (private cloud benefits).

How to equip employees with the right tools to match hybrid work demands?

1. Leverage your existing communications ecosystem

2. Pick a strategy and model which suit your needs and challenges

How sensitive is your data? – Do you need a private data centre? – Are you going fully cloud? – Do you need on-premises deployment? – Do you wish to integrate your telephony system as a hybrid PBX?

3. Our experts will guide you and devise the best strategy for your organization.

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