Rainbow Telephony for Microsoft Teams

The telephony solution for Microsoft Teams

Add a new dimension to call management by linking your Microsoft Teams accounts to your PBX

Rainbow Microsoft teams UI

The connector that combines the capabilities of your PBX with the digital world

Stay connected and informed with Rainbow Telephony for Microsoft Teams. Never miss a team meeting or a call, and keep your availability up to date automatically. Stay in sync, stay productive and enjoy unrivalled work flow.

Discover the powerful enhancements of our Rainbow telephony connector for Microsoft Teams

Easy bi-directional presence synchronization
Single Enterprise Phone Number
Authentication SSO
Advanced call management
Rich contact management

A new interface for seamless integration

Rainbow telephony for Microsoft teams Interface

A new design

The user interface has been redesigned for a better experience, with a more elegant design, for more ease in your daily interactions.


Save time and money

The Rainbow Telephony Connector is designed not only to adapt to your existing infrastructure, but also to your operators, making it the most cost-effective solution for your business.

By combining your existing telephony system with cloud collaboration tools, there’s no need to change services or make major additional investments. This means you can capitalize on your existing infrastructure while taking advantage of the best of cloud telephony and collaboration.

  • Eliminate exorbitant Microsoft costs associated with national and international calls, E5 plans or MS Teams telephony licenses.
  • Choose your own cost-effective SIP provider
  • Save time and administrative hassle
  • No need to invest in an expensive SBC
    Rainbow for Microsoft Teams

    Capitalize on your existing phoning equipment infrastructure and optimize your operating costs.

    Rainbow Telephony can adapt to any phoning communications solution! By using Rainbow Telephony, you do not necessarily need to replace your existing telephony fleet.

    Our solution integrates and adapts to your business. Rainbow Telephony works with Microsoft Teams and integrates intuitively into your environment. It’s a simple, cost-effective solution, requiring no additional Microsoft licenses, nor complex integration or administration services.

    • Up to half the total cost per user!
    • Quick installation, without modifying your infrastructure

    Transitioning smoothly to the Cloud

    Are you looking to transform your business by eliminating your existing telephony infrastructure and moving everything to the Cloud?
    With Rainbow, migrate to the Cloud at your own pace.
    The Rainbow Telephony working environment remains unchanged for users, whether you use your existing infrastructure, or choose our 100% cloud solution. No training or change management is required. So, whether you migrate all users at once, or step by step, your users remain sorted under the Rainbow solution, offering you a progressive migration!

    Rainbow Telephony, the only solution on the market enabling a transition to the Cloud without service interruption.

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    Secured cloud Platform: Rainbow Telephony

    Safety at the highest level

    Rainbow is built to rigorous security standards. The certifications obtained over the years by our dedicated security team and our Cloud partners make Rainbow a highly secure environment, guaranteeing the confidentiality of your data.