How the IoT Supports the Supply Chain

A report from IDC earlier this year revealed that spending on the Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to reach $1.29 trillion by 2020, with the vast majority of this investment in industrial settings. IDC goes on to predict that there will be 82 billion connected devices by 2025—everything from farming equipment to cars to household appliances, all of them embedded with technology that can access the Internet to intercommunicate with each other and with users for better user experience.

As is unfortunately common with many new technologies, the Internet of Things (IoT) is struggling to match its hype, with many projects failing to achieve their initial goals. This has led to a general sense of ambivalence among people. A 2016 report […]

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Who’s the new guy? Helping new employees quickly fit in

Has this ever happened to you? A company spends time, energy and resources securing a suitable candidate for a position. The person is eager to begin, and the organization initiates the onboarding process. As the newly hired candidate goes through it, though, something happens. The next thing you know, the new-hire isn’t “working out,” according to their supervisor. There’s a struggle to fix the issue, but within a short amount of time, the new-hire leaves the company.

What happened? We’ll follow through an example in this post, and by the end you’ll have a better understanding of the challenges in the processes.

Poor communication is the enemy of onboarding process

All too often, the issue centres on poor communication and lack of support during the onboarding process. […]

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Spanning the seas to keep your teams rowing in the same direction

What time is it in Paris? Shanghai? Denver?

While this is not an age-old question, it is a common modern question asked daily in the global workplace where collaboration takes place over multiple time zones and cultures. People miss meetings and deadlines when they can’t figure out time zones, which can cause much confusion and stress for businesses and their employees.

Technology has opened new realms for both businesses and employees. Thanks to unified communications, the opportunities are abundant. This technology enables companies to acquire talent from all over the world, strengthening the organization with a diversity of cultures and ideas while allowing employees freedom of location and time. The bonus for this arrangement is that it supports local communities by giving young people and skilled […]

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