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From Silos to a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion

I have a theory that communication and collaboration tools can reduce unconscious bias and increase inclusion in the workplace.

Twenty-plus years ago, before the internet was democratized and made available to everyone, we used to meet face-to-face or experience long delays in getting a response to our ideas. I have been working long enough to remember a time when I used to actually send faxes or courier floppy disks, and when email was nothing close to instantaneous. In that same time frame, most workplaces didn’t feature much diversity across questions of gender, ethnicity and more.

Fast forward to today, where the landscape is totally different. We all expect instant communication with people all over the world. In the broadest sense, social media and the […]

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The future of Collaboration with AI

Some of my favourite scenes from the film Iron Man are the ones that showcase the relationship Tony Stark has with Jarvis. Jarvis is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that has unlimited access to and control of resources, devices and programs. Jarvis uses his own will to aid Tony with whatever he needs in the movie. Jarvis does all sort of things, from talking about the weather and answering the door to advising Tony in battles. It’s really cool!

While Jarvis is fictional, we are lucky enough to live in a world today that’s not far off from the one portrayed in Iron Man—where people and machines are working together more than ever.

Artificial intelligence has advanced in leaps and bounds such that investments from venture […]

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To Out-of-Office Reply or Not to Out-of-Office Reply

Desk is cleared off. Mug is washed and dried. Email inbox is at zero. You’re going to be away from the office for a conference or holidays for a few days. You’ll need a way to communicate that you are unavailable. You go into your email program and activate the out-of-office reply, just like millions of others do on a daily basis. But this simple function can have far-reaching consequences you might not expect. Let’s take a look!

So you’re going to be away from the office.

Of course, you need to let colleagues, customers, vendors and even friends and acquaintances know you’re skiing in the Alps on holidays or attending a business conference, and how soon you’ll be able to respond to their message.

Right? That […]

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