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Voyage to the depths of hell … by remote working!

How to ruin remote working and end up in hell

In a previous article, we found the best way to successfully switch to remote working heaven, but we need to remain vigilant as there are some potential traps. If we are not careful (or just plain negligent), we risk getting caught and falling into a spiral of remote working hell.

“Hell exists! I’ve been there!” It’s not something you often hear about remote working. Indeed, it’s hard to find negative voices among either managers or employees when it comes to their remote working experience.

For employees, the satisfaction rate for remote working is over 95%. According to a survey by AfterCollege, 68 percent of millennial job seekers consider that working […]

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Remote working – is your business an angel or demon?

Implementing remote working in a business requires an effective management system that can cope remotely. Trust in workers, management by clearly defined objectives and co-workers who can be autonomous in their work are the prerequisites. This is all vital for remote working to be effective.

So, how can we help management evolve to avoid transforming their professional life into a living hell?

For a manager that isn’t familiar with remote working, this way of working can be torturous. In remote working, common places abound and can serve to comfort managers in their darker moments. Remote working means taking the risk that employees sit at home doing nothing. It is also about scattering teams all over the place so that team members never see each other again and […]

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