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Spanning the seas to keep your teams rowing in the same direction

What time is it in Paris? Shanghai? Denver?

While this is not an age-old question, it is a common modern question asked daily in the global workplace where collaboration takes place over multiple time zones and cultures. People miss meetings and deadlines when they can’t figure out time zones, which can cause much confusion and stress for businesses and their employees.

Technology has opened new realms for both businesses and employees. Thanks to unified communications, the opportunities are abundant. This technology enables companies to acquire talent from all over the world, strengthening the organization with a diversity of cultures and ideas while allowing employees freedom of location and time. The bonus for this arrangement is that it supports local communities by giving young people and skilled […]

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How to organize the best meeting ever

A lawyer, a doctor and a manager walk into a bar…

I’m kidding. The manager can’t be there because it turns out that some managers spend a whopping 30%-60% of their time in meetings. That leaves them with little time to manage other matters, or make that trip to the bar.

Imagine how much time would be saved if those meetings were conducted more efficiently. Studies reveal that most meetings are indeed costly and unproductive, yet essential to the decision-making process if they’re conducted properly.

Clearly, we need a better way to manage meetings. But how do you manage or organize the best meetings ever if you work in a remote team? Read on and you’ll get a sense of what it […]

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