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Creating a collaborative online learning environment, thanks to our CPaaS capability

A 100% customizable virtual classroom system for all organizations looking to deliver remote or hybrid learning, while fully integrated to Learning Management Systems and universities ecosystems.

Rainbow Classroom – a fully open virtual classroom system

While Rainbow Classroom is in itself flexible and may cater to any audience, we’ve broken it down into the 2 most relevant segments.


(Professional training and certification, HR)

Are you onboarding new employees or are you selling professional training and certification services?

Cover both internal and external requirements with our virtual classroom system. Onboard newly acquired talent or certify partners and customers in dedicated training sessions with a solution built precisely for training purposes.


(Schools, universities, educational organisations)

Provide teachers, students and administrators with a platform designed with teachers for teachers, instead of a repurposed conferencing system.

Unique set of features – designed specifically for learning

Breakout rooms

Create any number of work groups inside your classroom in a matter of seconds

Advanced administration panel

Teachers can customize their agenda, create classrooms, manage class or student permissions and much more

Collaborative whiteboard

Make notes, draw, write or have students contribute to the whiteboard – save it when done and share with the class, increasing learning capacity.

Quizzes and polling

Create class specific polls and quizzes – check for correct answers, grade or analyze them.

A unique collaborative online learning experience

Tailor-made virtual classroom system

Bespoke, custom-made interface dedicated for learning, not just a repurposed enterprise collaboration tool

Blends classroom with virtual online environment

Creates a hybrid environment for both those physically present and remote in one and the same session

Persistent collaboration

Engage attendees before, during and after a live session, turning passive into active and collaborative learning

Discover an engaged learning experience

Empowers trainers

Enables trainers to manage training courses and sessions regardless of where the trainees are, utilizing the same tools they would normally use.

Engages trainees

Present or remote, trainees can collaborate and communicate with the entire group and have a personal interaction with attendees and trainers alike.

Simplifies administration

Either integrated directly in an LMS or available as a standalone/autonomous client.
The virtual classroom system which fully automates mundane administration tasks (eg. Course setup and attendance)

Key features

Active participation

With video conference, chat, screen sharing, file sharing, guest speaker, quizz and surveys, videos co-watching.


Include, exclude and lock classes, breakout rooms, workgroup rooms, permission controls, presence, attention control and analytics.


Digital whiteboard with typing, drawing, importing pictures, erasing, highlighting, exporting the whiteboard and more.

Waiting room

Once connected to the webinar, your participants will be connected to a lobby or waiting room, where they will see videos of your choice while waiting for you to kick off the webinar.

folder call recordings rainbow icon


Record the classes and export video and audio recording as mp4.

Raise hand

Welcome any participant on stage (audio and video) thanks to the “Raise hand” function. All participants get the opportunity to click on the “Raise hand” button and webinar admins get to bring participant on stage.

Breakout rooms

Virtual class groups for classes activities and work.

folder call recordings rainbow icon

Advanced administration

100% control for teachers and Rainbow administrators to set up classes, permissions, agendas and more.


Teachers and Rainbow administrators obtain automatic metrics about classes attendance.

Polls & Quizzes

Before, During and After classes, teachers can prepare and ask questions to students.

folder call recordings rainbow icon

Translation workbench

Simultaneous translation for transparent and seamless communication between students and teachers.

Customizable User Interface

Teachers and Rainbow adminstrators can decide which Rainbow Classroom features they want and create their own personalized experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is data handled?

Your data is always stored in the region you have setup your virtual classroom system in. Rainbow Classroom uses the same security and data processing standards deployed Rainbow by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise. We take great pride in providing our customers with high security concepts and adhering to data protection regulations.

Do I have access to course analytics?

Course, class and session analytics are available at all times in the administration panel. You will be able to generate detailed reports and export them in all common formats.

Can Rainbow Classroom integrate with Moodle?

Yes. Rainbow Classroom can be integrated with a set Learning Management Systems (LMS), Moodle among others. Setting up the integration with Rainbow Classroom is a quick, painless and automated process. You will be supplied the necessary documentation to do it yourself but you can also ask for our assistance with setting up your new virtual classroom system.