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Combine communication and productivity with Rainbow Hybrid

Rainbow Hybrid: Optimize your business interactions with our hybrid cloud solution. An advanced collaboration platform, enhanced by the integration of your enterprise telephony system (also called PABX).

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The union of innovation and digital at the heart of your current PABX

Rainbow Hybrid is a cloud solution that allows you to optimize and unify your collaboration and communication services between your teams and with your partners. Rainbow offers you the possibility to integrate your current PABX telephony system directly on the Rainbow platform to optimize exchanges between your employees, customers and partners.
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Softphony integration  (PABX)

Unify your communication channels through the cloud while using your current PABX telephony system

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Reinventing the way you communicate

Be productive at the office and at home. Rainbow Hybrid accelerates the exchanges between your employees, wherever they are, and in a transversal way between each pole of your company. Take full advantage of your current PABX system by integrating it into our cloud-based communication and collaboration platform Rainbow. Access the Rainbow platform from any device, so you can reach and be reached via the same phone number from the device of your choice. Promote a more fluid communication between your employees, partners and customers.

Reduce your costs while accelerating your processes

Deploying Rainbow in a hybrid way allows you to adapt to your existing infrastructure and also to your operators, making it a beneficial solution for your business. By pairing your current phone system with Rainbow, there is no need to change service or commit to heavy additional financial contributions. Rainbow Hybrid allows you to leverage your existing phone infrastructure while enjoying the benefits of cloud-based telephony and collaboration.
  • Choose your own profitable SIP provider
  • Save time and paperwork
  • No need to invest in an expensive network element ensuring the security of SIP telephony infrastructures
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Deploy Rainbow Hybrid on your infrastructure




Rainbow Hybrid is available in 88 countries and 22 languages


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Business partners on 5 continents


Compliance with the regulations in force
We designed Rainbow Hybrid so that it can be installed quickly and easily on your infrastructure. One hour is enough to deploy Rainbow hybrid within your company.
Our Plug & Play solution facilitates the deployment of our solution. We have planned a quick commissioning by your IT teams and an intuitive handling by your employees.
A quick and easy adoption of Rainbow by all is essential so that each of your employees can easily use our solution.
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Improve the efficiency of your operations by capitalizing on your existing phone infrastructure

Our Rainbow Hybrid solution integrates perfectly with various telephone communication solutions! With our solution, there is no need to completely replace your existing phone system, as Rainbow Hybrid is fully adaptable to your business needs.
  • Total cost per user
  • Adaptability of the installation according to your needs.

Migrate to the cloud at your own pace

With Rainbow you don’t have to fully transition your business to the cloud. You choose how quickly you want to transition your infrastructure. When you’re ready to move to a fully cloud-based infrastructure, you can count on our Rainbow Hub solution. The Rainbow work environment remains unchanged for users, whether you use your existing infrastructure or choose our 100% cloud-based Rainbow Hub solution. No training or change management is required. Thus, whether you migrate all users at once, or step by step, your users remain grouped under the Rainbow solution, offering you a progressive migration! The Rainbow cloud solution is the only solution on the market that enables a seamless transition to the cloud.
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Advanced security

Rainbow was developed by adhering to strict safety standards. The certifications obtained over the years, thanks to our specialized security team and our trusted partners in the Cloud, make Rainbow an environment of optimal security, guaranteeing the confidentiality of your data.

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