Get the Rainbow Telephony connector for Microsoft Teams


Looking for a solution to fill the gap between your telephony system and your digital communication tools? Discover how the Rainbow Connector for Microsoft Teams can level up your business to new horizons!


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Find your contact easily using targeted tags

Within each business sector, every professional can benefit from telephony integration with Microsoft Teams to quickly contact their ideal contact. Thanks to tag integration, you no longer need to search by last names or by numbers, simply search by targeted tags.

  • Field of expertise
  • Languages spoken
  • Sector of activity
  • Company organization
  • Location/ Country/ Region
  • Etc

      A unique company number

      Whether you’re at your desk, on a business trip or using alternative IT equipment (PC/MAC/IOS/ANDROID), connect to Rainbow Telephony and easily access your contacts and all your Enterprise communications capabilities. Call management data is centralized, giving you easy access to your business contacts.

      • A number for every user profile
      • No limits on the number of handsets you can use, so you can take calls from the equipment that suits you best at any given moment.
      • Works anywhere in the world
      • Data centralization and synchronization

        Clients information displayed on incoming calls

        The Rainbow Telephony connector also facilitates the integration of customer information from your CRM (or other configurable data sources) on incoming elephonic calls. Our solution fosters the reduction of missed calls and provides rapid access to customer information, enabling you to develop your customer portfolio more rapidly and respond more appropriately to their profiles and needs.

        • Customer information
        • Conversation history
        • Action/purchase history
        • Appointment booking

              An inclusive solution, accessibility is at the heart of our business

              Rainbow Telephony for Microsoft Teams has been developed to meet the needs of professionals who wish to connect their existing PBX to Microsoft Teams. This connector has also been created to be accessible to all users. The aim of the Rainbow Telephony connector is to simplify your business life, from initial installation to day-to-day operations promoting inclusivity for everyone. We listen to our customers and constantly strive to create the best and most accessible communication experience for everyone.

                  Interested in these countless possibilities?

                  Don’t wait any longer! Act now and use your free trial. Dive into an immersive experience, try Rainbow Telephony for Microsoft Teams and discover a whole new power of communication!


                  What is Rainbow Telephony for Microsoft Teams?

                  Rainbow Telephony is a connector that links your fixed-line telephone system to Microsoft Teams. This gives you greater flexibility in managing your business calls, thanks to the integration of digital technology within a telephony system.

                  How does Rainbow Telephony work with Microsoft Teams?

                  Rainbow Telephony lets you answer your business calls directly from Microsoft Teams. Can’t be at your desk answering your landline? No problem, your landline is connected to Teams, so you can answer your calls anywhere, without having to be contacted on a number other than the one assigned to you. Our solution makes call management a whole lot easier, thanks to its multiple functionalities.

                  What are the main features of Rainbow Telephony for Microsoft Teams?

                  The main features of Rainbow Telephony are numerous: A cloud-based connector

                  • A cloud-based connector
                  • bi-directional synchronization between Teams and Rainbow
                  • A unique number
                  • SSO authentication
                  • CTI: Incoming call intelligence
                  • Speed Dial
                  • Easy configuration of personal contacts and Outlook contacts
                  What are the benefits of using Rainbow Telephony with Microsoft Teams?

                  The advantages of using our solution are numerous:

                  • Easy connector installation
                  • Better management of incoming and outgoing calls.
                  • Accessibility on any device
                  • No need to replace the existing PBX system.
                  • The cost-effectiveness of the solution compared to a direct routing system or the subscription to a Microsoft license.